BackgrounDRb has been brought to you by, Hemant Kumar with help of folks from Ruby and Ruby on Rails community. BackgrounDRb was an original idea of Ezra Zygmuntowicz .

Today it pulls in ideas from EventMachine , Twisted . I am eternally grateful to following people ( in no particular order ):

Mailing List

You can join BackgrounDRb mailing list here . Its a perfect place for discussing new ideas, asking questions, submitting patches and stuff.

IRC Help

You can also try #backgroundrb on freenode for help.


Your contributions/feedback is most welcome. We have very simple rule for giving new coders commit access. If you submit one patch which is accepted for inclusion in the BackgrounDRb code repository, you are elligible for commit access. Create an account on Github and let me (gethemant at gmail dot com) know your login handle.